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Flooring Radiant Panel


This fire test response standard describes a procedure for measuring the critical radiant flux of horizontally mounted floor-covering systems exposed to a flaming ingintion source in a graded radiant heat energy enviroment, in a test chamber. The specimen can be mounted over underlayment, a simulated concrete structural floor, bonded to a simulated structural floor, or otherwise monted in a typical and representative way.

This fire test respose standard measures the critical radiant flux at flame-out.

The rating system for the results of this test is established By NFPA.
These are
Class I - 0.45 or higher for critical radiant flux.
Class II - 0.22 - o.44 critical radiant flux.
Below 0.22 is the material is non-classifiable!

ALL the above features and MORE are found in the SMOKEDATA System.
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