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Permeability Testing
How well does your turf system drain?

The infiltrometer consists of two rings, one inner and one outer which are placed on top of the turf system. Water flows separately into both ring areas, the outer creating a ponding effect by maintaining a head of water surrounding the inner ring area. Once the inner and outer flows are stablized to the same water level, the water flowing throught the inner ring is measured by means of a water flow gauge (gallons) during the 20 minute test. After normalizing the 50 F the results are computed by known equations in determining the infiltration rate, expressed in inches per hour of rainfall. Our lab infiltrometer tests the rainfall dissipation rate of typical turf in-filled systems without regard to their ultimate base configuration. The portable unit is intended for travel to test on-site complete turf systems. Both are manufactured by TSi to comply with BS 7044, Method 4 test method - both units have been used extensively with excellent correlation to known "real world" problems. Call to book a test on your field either prior to or after installation and gain a little peace of mind.





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