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Ref Number
Accelerated Heat Aging 801
Adhesive Weight 601
Air Permeability 501
Ball Burst Strength 201
Breaking Load in Yarn 202
Colorfastness to Shampoo 129
Colorfastness to Washing 131
Colorfastness to Water 136
Colorfastness to Wicking 137
Crimps per inch 701
Dupont Pill and Fuzz 401
Dynamic Crush 206
Electrical Resistance IBM & Burroughs 301
Fiber Blend 703
Filament Count 711
Fluid (water) Repellency 811
Moisture Content 712
Moisture Regain 713
Moisture Vapor Permeability 714
Odor Test 818
Resiliency (Ball Bounces) 822
Solid Content - Latex 831
Stain Resistance (Common Household) 832
Static Decay - Charged Person 308
Tile Stain 130
Trapezoid Tear Strength 208
Yarn Number (Denier) 717
Viscosity - Latex 901



Lab Id 100108-0




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