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Fiber Identification


Nylon is the most expensive and most widely used of the synthetic fibers and is used for all carpet construction types. Nylon is durable, resilient, and soil-resistant. It does tend to easily stain unless it is treated with stain protection (Note: most nylon carpets are treated for stain and soil resistance). Dupont invented nylon and is the maker of Stainmaster® brand of stain blocker. There are two primary types of nylon fiber: type 6 and 6.6; these may be processed into either BCF (Bulk Continous Filament) or spun/staple.Spun or staple nylon has more of a delustered appearance.

Polyester is less expensive than nylon. It offers exceptional softness and color clarity, and it is naturally stain- and fade-resistant. Polyester fiber is not as resilient as nylon but will stand up to use if constructed appropriately. Polyester is generally used in cut-pile constructions.

Polypropylene (or Olefin) is naturally stain-, fade-, and moisture-resistant and it will not fade in color, because the pigment is actually "built in" to the polypropylene fiber. Polypropylene has some construction limitations due to color requirements and durability needs. However, if properly constructed, polypropylene carpets offer unsurpassed value. While polypropylene is used in textured cut-pile constructions, it is far more common in loop pile constructions. Since 1985, polypropylene is the fastest-growing fiber type.

Wool is a luxurious natural fiber. Wool carpets do not offer the same durability and resilience as nylon, but they do "age gracefully." Wool is not exceptionally stain- or soil-resistant, although it cleans well. Wool is the most expensive carpet fiber and represents less than 1% of carpet sales.

Blends are also available through certain combinations of the fiber types described above.


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