Testing Services, Inc
817 Showalter Ave
P.O. Box 2041
Dalton Georgia 30722-2041
Phone 706-226-1400 | Toll-Free 800-849-9901
About Testing Services, Inc.

Carpet Testing Services, Inc. (TSi) was formerly Certified Testing Laboratories, originally established in 1970, as one of the first independent testing laboratories in Dalton Georgia, the "Carpet Capital of the World". TSi now contains the most advanced and up to date testing equipment in the carpet industry. TSi founded by Erle Miles, has been a leader in independent textile testing for years. As a leader, TSi has introduced specialize testing procedures that assure the customer of a complete analysis transcript.

As an independent testing laboratory, TSi offers test for most approved federal certifications and requirements of the FAA, FHA/HUD, Department of Interior, Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation.

TSi is a comprehensive source for testing of carpets and textiles for all manufacturers, interior designers, consumers, specifiers, architects, builders, and facility managers on local, state and federal levels. Our facility is accredited under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (Lab I.D. 100108-0) administered by the United States Department of Commerce/ National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Lab Id 100108-0




Providing a range of testing services for Turf, carpet, playgrounds, and more...


Gmax testing for playground safety

Turf Testing
Sports Turf Testing is available On-Site.
Permeabilty Testing
A new portable infiltrometer testing apparatus was recently introduced by TSi...
Ball Roll
A ball is allowed to roll down a ramp onto the surface of natural or synthetic turf systems and its speed calculate as it passe...
Kappasoil is a means of applying soil in a uniform way, and thus forms the basis of a direct method of measuring...
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